EnviroTankers Inc. is an Edmonton based company dedicated
to environmentally friendly onsite re-fueling solutions. Our staff
has over fifty years of combined experience in fueling systems
and operations.

Our History

The Challenge:

The logistics of delivering and storing fuel in remote locations has been a significant problem for operators since the initial days of exploration and resource development.  The uncontrolled fuel caches and dumping grounds all over the North have given rise to significant government intervention by way of regulations to protect the environment.  In addition, engineering and safety regulations have required improvements in basic standards for tank design and function.  Federal Transport Departments have very rigid regulations relating to design for fuel transport on public roadways; the National Fire Code has specified key components for safety governance and all provincial governments are becoming increasingly strict in relation to how fuel is stored and utilized in remote areas.   Universal Laboratories Canada also has comprehensive design guidelines relating to stationary fuel storage tanks and secondary containment.

Best practices for typical fuel storage on site require the operator to bring in earth moving equipment to create a berm, line the berm bottom with an impermeable mat and then pull the fuel container into the bermed area if it is a single walled storage tank.  This method has proven to be time consuming and very costly because it also involves reclamation of the site.   An alternate method of fuel storage became the double-walled ‘envirotank’, which was transported by lowboy to the site (without fuel) off loaded, fueled, and then de-fueled and moved again when circumstances so required.  Although the double-walled tank provided for the necessary 110% containment the inability to move the tank with fuel and the expense of bringing in equipment to de-fuel and move the tank has proven to be inconvenient and costly.  These field conditions created the right atmosphere to encourage the development of a double-walled tank that was mobile and could be transported from place to place with readily available equipment.

The EnviroTankers Concept:

EnviroTankers Inc. (“ETI”) has evolved its current product line over six years of research and development. Starting with a double-walled fuel tank mounted on a custom designed triple-axle flat bed trailer, the concept of a mobile envirotank has continued to evolve. The first units were classified as Mobile Envirotanker Phase I or in short, MET I. These have been in operation in the field since 2001, primarily as fuel vessels only, relying on the owner/operators to provide their own fuel forwarding equipment.

  • Fuel volume capacity of 20,000 and 25,000 liters
  • Must be de-fueled, moved, then refueled
  • Product line discontinued as a result of the MET II design

The Second Generation:

  • Following the successful operation of the MET I, the design and manufacture of the MET II was initiated providing for the following advantages:
  • Increased in capacity to meet the needs of high volume customer requirements in remote operations.
  • Canadian and US 406 compliance highway fuel trailers.
  • The new design eliminates the need for fuel site berming and provides the ultimate in user convenience with zero impact on environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Key features added to the new design were the ability for the MET II to be completely self-contained and the use of aluminum, which allowed fuel volumes to reach 40,000 liters and still stay within maximum gross weight limits for Canadian and US roadways.
  • The optional self-contained fuel-forwarding unit includes equipment consisting of hydraulic or electric pumping system and 15KW generator.
  • Canadian Patent # 2447218 received February 26th, 2008
  • US Patent Pending

Envirotankers continues to research and develop environmentally friendly and regulatory compliant products providing fueling solutions for environmental best practices.